Edinburgh is a must-see global destination, a gateway to Scotland and a showcase for the nation. It’s an internationally renowned city of culture, celebrated around the world for its Festivals and its cultural venues. 

A rich mix of theatres, concert halls, galleries, museums, cinemas, historic attractions and landmark buildings underpin the history and beauty of the city. They offer dynamic, high-quality programmes to visitors and residents all year round.

In terms of return on investment, the City of Edinburgh Council, Scottish Government and Creative Scotland collectively provided £42 million of funding to support the activity of ECVG’s members in our most recent audit, which in turn generated a further economic benefit of £194 million. So every £1 invested generated an additional £4.62 for the Scottish economy.

 Edinburgh The Ferris Wheel Rides Amusement Park

Edinburgh Cultural Venues group

Edinburgh Cultural Venues Group (ECVG) represents a cross-section of Edinburgh’s larger year-round cultural providers at a strategic level - from landmark museums to award-winning theatre companies, leading film centres and world-class music venues.

  • 6.2 million visits to the arts venues collectively

  • 1,600 events - with over 6,100 individual performances

  • almost 150 collaborations with co-producers and event partners

  • 5,000 FTE jobs and £194 million Gross Value Added (GVA) in Scotland as a whole - of which over 3,200 FTE jobs and £156 million GVA specifically benefits the Edinburgh economy

  • over 12,000 young people participating in out-of-school skills development

  • over 80,000 adult attendances at learning and participation events

  • nearly 120,000 school attendances

  • brings an additional £129 million spent by venue visitors across the wider Edinburgh economy

These prestigious venues have invested significantly in their public offer, enjoy great individual success, and taken together, they provide the foundation of our capital city’s cultural provision. ECVG aims to deliver advocacy via a stronger collective voice, to support research and evidence gathering to enhance our planning and effectiveness, and to trial projects which engage new audiences.

Working together makes sense and delivers additional efficiencies and tangible impacts that are visible to funders, audiences and other city and tourism partners. We want to ensure that Edinburgh’s ‘here all year’ venues have a strong voice and that the creative, social and economic impacts of our work are widely recognised and understood.